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Please read the terms of use before accessing our internet-based pharmaceutical store. You may not use our portal if you don’t agree to the terms and conditions mentioned on the site. By using our site or availing of our services, you agree to and acknowledge the terms and conditions. You also agree that we may update our terms of use anytime we feel right. Keep checking for any updates whenever you access this portal.

What is Kamagra Jelly Australia?

  • Kamagrajellyaustralia.com is a web-based portal. This domain name is referred to as ‘website’ & hereinafter referred to as ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘us’, or ‘company’.
  • You agree to all the terms and conditions of this site by browsing or transacting with our site in any way.
  • This website facilitates easy access to healthcare supplements/medicines/drugs. We don’t encourage buying any medicines without a prescription. Make sure you have consulted your medical expert before buying any medicine from our site.
  • We reserve the right for changing, modifying, or updating the Terms of Use, policies & guidelines whenever we find suitable. Any changes or updates will be effective immediately after posting them. It is the responsibility of a user to check for any revisions in the terms and conditions. To ensure this, review our terms and conditions anytime you visit the site.
  • Most of the medicines sold on this portal are for adults. If you are not 18 then make sure your guardian knows what you’re accessing on the site.
  • We hold all the rights to the content associated with the medicines on the site. If you’re viewing the site then you should only aim for availing services, ordering, or communicating with our customer support team. Any content, if stolen or cloned, can be claimed by us.

User Information

As you interact with our site, we may access your location which will be accessed only if you ‘allow’ our site to do so. We track your location to enhance the visibility of our site according to your location & improve user experiences. We don’t aim to hurt your privacy rights.

The following user information will be required by our site for processing your order. Please ensure that they’re entered correctly.


– Email address

– Address (including ZIP/ postal code)


– Age

Phone number

  • The user has to log in/signup with the site for further transactions. You shall create a secure password and save your password as desired. You’ll need your Email ID and password for interacting with the site in the future.
  • In case you forget your login details, you may request new Login details via ‘Forget Password’.
  • Only a registered user can purchase on the site.
  • You agree and acknowledge that you’ve provided all the details accurately while creating an account with the portal. Furthermore, you shall complete your account information or user profile details.
  • We don’t perform any unauthorized access to user accounts.
  • If you cannot access your account due to any reason then you may contact our customer care and the team will assist you.

Data Sharing

  • We don’t share any personal details of our customers with any third parties.
  • The transactions between the user and the site are secured by the SSL layer.
  • If you’re interacting with the site, be assured that you’re interacting with a reliable site that doesn’t cash user details. Your privacy is our utmost priority.

Using the Site & its Services

  • Get a prescription beforehand while buying any healthcare supplements from our website. If you’re buying any products without a prescription then you’re solely responsible for your health. We would not be responsible for any unfavorable consequences that may happen to patients consuming medications without a prescription.
  • Read the details associated with any pharmaceutical products before making a purchase.
  • We don’t manufacture all the pharmaceutical supplies available on the site.


  • Your order will only be shipped if you have made full payment for the same. As all our orders are prepaid, we ship orders on a first come first serve basis.
  • Please make sure that the shipping details are mentioned correctly at your end. We will be shipping your order to the same address. Hence, we aren’t responsible if your billing & shipping address is swapped or if any other address issue arises after placing your order. You can still contact our customer support for help.
  • Our major concerns are to make your order reach as soon as possible. You’ll receive order processing and shipping updates as your order moves into the queue.
  • We try our best to keep our express shipping promise. However, if you don’t see your order moving further or don’t receive any updates then kindly reach out to our customer support.
  • Your order will be packed and dispatched in safe & secure packaging from our warehouse. In case the package is mishandled by our shipping partners then you may write to us or contact customer care. Our team will try to help you with the same.
  • We have a tie-up with third parties for shipping your orders. If they make any delay or you undergo any unsatisfactory experience with the delivery partners then we are not responsible for entertaining relevant queries.

Third-Party Advertisements

  • This website may show some third-party advertisements that are auto-generated by the advertisers like search engines.
  • We don’t encourage our users to view or transact with those third-party sites visible on our portal.
  • If you access/view & transact through other sites by clicking on the advertisements then it is your responsibility. You agree to the terms of the site by accessing them & we have no rights thereafter.
  • The third-party sites you visit through our site may ask for your location & other user details. If you share any details with the site then you’re doing so with your acknowledgment.

Payment Policy

  • Any user can register with our site for free. Also, browsing and accessing medicine information is free of charge. However, if you want to make a purchase then you have to pay for the products you choose to buy.
  • All our orders are prepaid. So, if you wish to buy any pharmaceutical products from our site then you shall pay for the same for confirming your order.
  • Your billing details will show an inch clarification of your order. You’ll view any applicable taxes, shipping charges, product prices, discounts, etc as applicable to your order.
  • You shall provide your bank account details, credit card number, etc to connect our site to the third party for payments. Check out our Privacy Policy on how we handle such sensitive information of the users.
  • We don’t store any confidential payment information of our customers.
  • If your payment is successful, you’ll receive order confirmation & receipt immediately. If your payment fails and the order is unconfirmed, please try again a few minutes later.
  • In case your payment is deducted from your account and the order is unconfirmed, wait for a few minutes for approval. If you don’t receive any updates from the site, see the ‘My Orders’ page for your order details. Still, if your order isn’t showing there then contact customer support.
  • For any payment-related queries, you should call our customer support.
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