Drug Policy

Please read our Drug Policy carefully before buying any medicines with our site. This policy applies to all the medications, drugs, or healthcare supplements sold by the portal. We’ve clarified how we procure the medications, the way their cost is determined, and other relevant details you’re supposed to know as a user. Also, we may make any required modifications to this policy whenever we find it suitable.

Types of Healthcare Supplements you can buy with KamagrajellyAustralia.com

Kamagrajellyaustralia.com deals with a broad spectrum of healthcare supplements in Australia. We have several categories of medications on the site that can be accessed by users. These medications can be broadly classified into brand medicines and generic drugs.

Users can find medicines from different manufacturers. Please check the manufacturer information if you’re looking for medicines from a specific manufacturer before buying them.

Our products are mostly:

  • Men’s Health drugs
  • Erectile Dysfunction medicines
  • Heart care medications
  • Memory pills
  • & more

Where are these medications sourced from?

We’re sourcing medicines from authentic manufacturers who have been in the industry for years. The medicines available on the website are mostly from manufacturers. In rare cases, if they aren’t available with them, we may source them through other trusted vendors and wholesalers who’re registered.

Also, we’re a licensed pharmacy for delivering prescription and generic drugs to Australians. We’ve also availed permission from the local medicine approving authorities for the purchase and sale of drugs online.

We sell 100% Quality Assured Drugs Only

By 100% Quality Assurance, we mean that we have a team of medical experts who approve the medications for their respective purpose. To the best of their knowledge, they approve the drugs to be used for particular health issues.

  • The major concern of any individual buying medicines online would be high-quality medicine only. Keeping this in mind, we’re only having top-quality medicinal supplies on the site.
  • Your medicines come from authorized manufacturers & distributors only.
  • We get your medications with utmost care & they undergo a quality control process before adding to our site. Moreover, we run quality checks periodically to ensure that their quality does unaltered.
  • Besides keeping the medicines safe at our end, we also ensure that our logistics partner handles them securely so that you get them in ready-to-use form.
  • You’ll always receive medicines with the latest manufacturing dates available with us.
  • Please check the expiry dates of the medications before using them.

Who determines the cost of medicines on the site?

  • The cost of the medicines will be mentioned along with the unit size you choose to buy.
  • The pricing is determined according to the manufacturer we source your medicines from. Also, the shipping costs and other factors influence the overall cost of medicine.
  • You’re likely to benefit more if you make a bulk purchase.
  • The cost of the medicines may keep varying according to the latest prices as available from the manufacturer & distributors.
  • If available, you can see discounts/offers/coupon codes with the respective medications you choose to buy.
  • For more benefits, you may see if any coupon codes are available during checkout.
  • If you have any queries regarding the pricing of the medications, write to us or call our customer care for assistance.
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